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Beach Wedding with the Terrain Hexagons


Enjoy the holidays this summer thanks to your sundress. Everyone will be impressed with you!

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When the summer heat arrives, we want to be fresh. To do this we bring this dress beach embossed hexagons. With it you can be anywhere in the sun or in the shade and easily withstand heat. This beautiful dress also allows you to use it to carry your swimsuit and bikini. Like this, You can leave the beach without discomfort and protect your skin from wind and sun when the day ends.

This sundress is made in cotton. Thanks to its softness, You can wear it anytime and enjoy your touch. In addition, leave your slides glimpse of your figure, giving a touch more sexy.

The front has button closure, presenting long open sleeves to wrists. They also have a hexagonal mosaic above the chest, under the chest and waist. In this way, every time you blow air or in a cool place esteas, You can cool further. Also, avoid that you accumulate sweat on hot days. In this way, You can be relaxed all day without any problems, you are in your home, on a terrace or on the beach.

The dress is made in a single one size with a length of 73cm.

Help yourself to avoid the heat this summer!

Being on the beach or pool is fine, but we must be careful with excessive heat. It is good that we are well hydrated at all times. That way we avoid skin problems (as cracks or burns if we have clear skin) as well as major problems such as heatstroke. Do not let anything stop you from having your perfect holiday! Become the queen of the place thanks to this wonderful beach dress embossed hexagons!

Let the whole world with your dress gaped beach

Create beautiful memories this summer

Create your own style wardrobe with this dress beach

Enraptured on the beach with your dress


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