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Chiffon dress Fringed Beach Embroidered


Let everyone admire you with this dress embroidered fringed beach. Everyone was amazed!

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This summer, Muse become the world wherever you go thanks to our wonderful beach dress chiffon embroidered fringed.

This wonderful dress is made from chiffon, so you create a set of transparencies every time you put it. This way you can create a subtle contrast with your body. The dress has a V-neckline and half sleeves to the elbows. The bottom reaches below the hips, having a larger drop from the sides. Both the dress, as sleeves and the neck are terminated by an embroidery peak.

The dress has only one one size with a total length of 72cm, It is making it ideal to take with you to the beach or pool.

Beach will help you relax your brain.

The beach is one of the best places to relieve stress and heal the brain. There is something soothing about it that helps us:

  1. The sound of waves breaking. This type of repetitive sound, slow and purling keeps us calm. The sound of waves can help us achieve a contemplative state when tested heal and strengthen the brain.
  2. The color blue. The different colors produce different psychological effects, emotional and physical. The color blue, For example, It is used to convey sense of calm. It is shown that the blue color has a profound calming effect on people.
  3. The smell of the sea. When we step on the beach sand, We open our lungs and let it be filled with the smell of the breeze and sea fog, salt-laden, our brain receives immediate benefits.
  4. Sand underfoot. It is proven that walking barefoot have numerous benefits for our mind and body.

You no longer have an excuse not to go and relax with your sundress! Enjoy the most and get rid of stress and anxiety!

Discover a different style of fashion this summer

Do not let the sun burn your skin with this dress





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