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Pandora Bracelet Type Arcoiris with Zirconia Sol


Let love, peace and harmony out of you and get everyone through this type pandora bracelet rainbow.

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Let the joy and happiness you enter through this type pandora bracelet. His style completely happy He will make you happy both you and all around you. His energetic will touch you a thousand batteries, So that you can do anything you set your mind!

This bracelet is made up of colorful beads wide, along with narrower bills flowers and hearts. At the end of the bracelet, It is hanging a small sun with a cubic zirconia enshrined in its center.

Get carried away by the power of the rainbow

to taste, colors. That's, all it shows our preferences in colors from very small concerns. Of course, They are subject to change throughout life, As it changes our mood or our tastes. It is proven that colors influence our energies and we produce various effects.

The vibrations that emit colors affect us in a certain way but this influence depends on both personal and cultural factors. Let yourself go you also for the power of color!

Surprise everyone with your beautiful pandora bracelet rainbow type


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