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Sirena bracelet with colorful beads


Make all eyes are focused on you thanks to this wonderful colorful boho chic bracelet pendant mermaid.

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Let the passion for the sea invades your heart. Thanks to this boho chic bracelet can surprise everyone with a new style and colorful.

The bracelet consists of a large number of accounts semitransparent color. This bracelet is finished in two hanging. The first suspension is a siren gold or silver color, while the second pendant shaped colored scales, with the same tone bracelet. The circumference of the bracelet is 18.5cm.

With this color combination while semi transparencies, you will achieve obtain a bohemian style and more crazy.

Let the boho chic fashion invades your life

More and more people get carried away by the boho chic trend. Bohemian and open style makes it a comfortable style to wear anytime. Thanks to its combination of clothes and accessories you can get looks impossible in a jiffy.

Enjoy a long walk with your boho chic bracelet

Go to the sea and enjoy with your boho chic bracelet

Your bracelet siren will surprise everyone

Create a different look on you thanks to this bracelet

Get a look more crazy with our bracelet siren



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