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Silver bracelet with Tree of Life and Eiffel Tower


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This silver bracelet is a combination of several wonderful features that will give a touch more chic as you put that.

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Dazzles all your friends and acquaintances thanks to this wonderful silver bracelet. This bracelet has been created so you can enjoy anytime it surprising everyone with its ornaments.

The bracelet is made with an external copper plated. Among its ornaments, We find a tree of life, a gift bag, one wing, an Eiffel Tower and a shoe. Surface decorations are strung zircons which will give you one more aspect chic the total. Once you put that, You can not be without it!

The Eiffel Tower and the capital of love

Paris is the capital of love, What more romantic place than the Eiffel Tower? Tearing in the field of Mars to admire the Eiffel Tower along with the love of your life is a dream we want to fulfill all. With this lovely bracelet, You can get a little closer to your dream.

Surprises of your precious silver bracelet with Eiffel Tower


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