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Hamsa Hand Bracelet Pandora Type Bead in Blue


Get a dramatic look in your wrists while protecting you from evil eye thanks to this fabulous bracelet hamsa hand.

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Hamsa hand has been used in history for countless people to protect themselves from negative energy. So much so that it was frequently used by pregnant women and the fetus portege, and to stay on tape or protect the newborn. In this way, Hamsa hand as a protective amulet has passed from mothers to daughters through history, protecting many people.

Let the action Hamsa hand help you in your day to day

Hamsa hand is a powerful protective amulet that helps repel negative energy and the evil eye. In this way, we can enjoy the positive energy. So we will have more luck and we can make any project we propose.

This lovely bracelet pandora type is formed by several blue glass beads finely chiseled, It is finished in a small hamsa hand hanging and protects you.

Accomplished everything you set your mind thanks to this type pandora bracelet with hamsa hand

Surprise everyone with your beautiful pandora bracelet hamsa hand


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