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Hamsa Hand Bracelet with Onyx Beads


This lovely bracelet takes advantage of onyx with Hamsa hand to prevent it from reaching the negative energy you.

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In these busy days, It is very important to protect against negative energy. That is why this beautiful bracelet with hamsa hand well help you avoid the evil eye, also it dissipates negative energy and will help you get the positive energy. In this way you can achieve any goal that you propose.

Let Hamsa hand and onyx protect you

This beautiful bracelet is a measure of 18cm and is made up of accounts onyx. Onyx is a protective stone. Onyx is associated with strength, resistance, courage and self. Onyx provides support in difficult circumstances in periods of stress, physical and mental. In this way, podrás superar cualquier obstáculo que te encuentres. También cuando está en contacto directo con la persona, help to clean the aura. Like this, as you put that, You'll feel better every day.

Overcomes any obstacle with this bracelet hamsa hand onyx





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