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Double Bracelet with Hamsa Hand and Eye Turco


Let the good luck comes into your life and avoid negative energy thanks to this wonderful double bracelet hamsa hand

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Hamsa hand is a protective amulet that has been linked to our lives for centuries. Already in the middle ages, Hamsa hand was used to ward off the evil eye. Also they used by women to protect themselves or take deliveries to fruition and protect children. Thanks to its protection, these amulets have passed from generation to generation until today. So that you too can have all the luck in the world while protecting you from negative energy, You have our double bracelet hamsa hand.

Let Hamsa hand protect you from the evil eye

In addition to Hamsa hand, This lovely double bracelet also includes Turkish eye. This amulet has also been used to dissipate the negative energy and the evil eye. In this way, You can get double benefits.

This bracelet has a length of 20cm and is finished in a closure ring easy to use, combining the two bracelets at once.

Get all the positive energy through this bracelet hamsa hand




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