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Boho Chic Bracelet Beaded Turquoise and Wings


Surprises with a different touch of color and originality thanks to this wonderful boho chic bracelet with silver wings.

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Add a touch of color to your add-ons. Thanks to this wonderful boho chic bracelet, every time you leave home you'll stand out from everyone.

This simple bracelet is made up of turquoise beads, It is finished in a silver wings.

Let the boho chic fashion invades your life!

The motion Boho, we associate artists, intellectual or travelers who dress similarly to Gypsies. It is thought that Gypsies or Roma originated in Bohemia, a zone of Eastern Europe. Hence, artists and intellectuals and bohemians relate.

The word Gypsy, It is derived from the word Egyptian, where they have also found roots of this trend.

being bohemian, It meant to be an artist. Sit especially is fantastic bracelet. Thanks to its fully freestyle you can decide your look thus achieving a twist. Surprise everyone and let them notice you!

Discover a different style with this chic bracelet boho

Takes you everywhere your lovely bracelet



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