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Boho Chic Quartz Bracelet Rose with Wings


Highlight your wrists and arms thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet. Their wings will help you take flight in life.

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This lovely boho chic bracelet is ideal for carrying in your day-to-day supplement. Thanks to their accounts rose quartz, will achieve further highlight the wings thus achieving a beautiful contrast to your skin. As your friends see this lovely bracelet, You can not help but wonder about it!

Let the boho chic fashion into your life

Boho style is one of our hallmarks, as well as one of the key trend this season. The bohemian spirit floats in the atmosphere. As we went outside we see that more and more people join this fashion alternating use in both garments and accessories. You can also join the boho chic fashion and express yourself through your own unique style. In this way, You leave everyone amazed as you see walking past!

Looks dazzling thanks to this lovely bracelet

Leaves everyone speechless with your boho chic bracelet



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