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Boho Chic bracelet Heart with Wings


Let your love fly free to your dreams thanks to this chic bracelet boho. Your feelings will come quickly!

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Free love is a feeling that can not be tied. This lovely boho chic bracelet reminds you that you have to feel and love every day.

This beautiful silver plated bracelet has a lobster claw clasp that lets you regulate your size from 19cm up to 16cm. It is finished in two wings with a heart in them measured. In the heart center it has a linker with a cubic zirconia.

Let your love free to rise and happy

Love can not be caged and have to fly freely. To love is to accept, recognize and tolerate, but mostly, understand. Amar is the decision to be for the other person and do everything possible to be happy over anything without forgetting our. Because of forgetting our own happiness and well-being, we would be entering a state of obsession or love concept malformation.

Let the whole world stunned by this chic bracelet boho

Let your love and passion transpire from you

Discover a new world thanks to this lovely bracelet



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