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Boho Chic bracelet with angel wings


Surprise everyone with your boho chic bracelet and let your spirit free flying moose and unattached.

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Let your exciting style free and fly with you. This lovely boho chic bracelet will give you a free look and astound your friends and acquaintances.

This bracelet is made of braided wire, finished in a closing clip. At the end of the bracelet have two silver angel wings hanging from it. 42cm length lets you wrap it in a thousand different ways can place it as you see fit.

Boho chic wings make you fly

In all representations and pictures, shown angels with their wings. With them flying above us watching and protecting. These wings are as representative, we do not imagine the angels without them.

Puees you also have your guardian angel thanks to this lovely bracelet. Head and Neck Lift up your head to the sky and steadily forward smoothly in life.

Wonder everyone with your boho chic bracelet

Everyone will be amazed with your bracelets


Let your heart take wing

You feel you all with these bracelets

Give a different touch to your accessories

Let all thanks to our surprise bracelets


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