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Boho bracelet 3 in 1 with Clock


Treat yourself to show a different style thanks to this wonderful boho chic bracelet that incorporates a clock. Everyone will be impressed!

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We all need to take the time of day sometime. It may be to know what time we have left with someone. It might also be to find out if it's time to go to work. O, simply, we need to know what time of day is. So you wont have any problems, we present this chic bracelet boho.

What parts have the boho bracelet 3 in 1?

This bracelet is made up of several parts. First we have a twisted thread of friendship, so that we never forget that friendship is important. Then we have a leather strap which is finished in a ornamental clock bohemian aesthetic. Finally, we have another leather bracelet with multiple accounts is finished in a mini pendant shaped tree leaf. All these elements come together in a single bracelet with button closure at the back.

Every time you take it out to look at the time, ALL they are surprised!

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