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Earrings Boho Chic Dorados with Borla


Highlight your natural facial features thanks to these lovely boho chic gold earrings with tassel. So all they fixed on you.

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Thanks to these precious gold earrings boho chic everyone will be surprised to see. Every time you put your face all you shine making everyone notice you.

These hook earrings are finished in a loose tassel highlight so your bohemian style.

Let the boho chic fashion will come to you too

The style Boho chic It consists of mixing various styles. Hippie, grunge, Bohemian, vintage, ethnic, folk and country, but of course, always with an air chic. vests, hats, fringe, boots, feathers are some of the key pieces to get this look. It is not put together and mix them without judgment but encompass all garments of various styles for that synergize with each other and thus obtain a splendorous look.

Boho chic style gives you absolute freedom to mix different items and thus obtain a unique style with login.

It unveiled a new look thanks to the boho chic gold earrings

Creates a totally different style with boho chic earrings

Leaves everyone amazed by your new earrings

Give a bohemian touch to your look

Combine your earrings boho chic with countless garments

Get everyone to notice you every time you leave



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