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Boho Chic Maxi Dress in 2 Pieces


The summer is yours with this chic boho maxi dress. With its unique style, You do everyone to notice you esteas where esteas.

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As the warm weather arrives, we want to use our maxi dresses and show off our figure. Thanks to this boho chic maxi dress can become the center of attention wherever you go.

This maxi dress is made of two parts, each made of polyester. In this way we get a dress you can wear resistant as for a number of hours without problems.

The composition of maxi dress boho chic

Within this maxi dress are two parts that are the skirt and top.

The tank top is attached on the back with a wrap tie. This way you can adjust perfectly to your liking. In addition, thanks to its size, It allows us to show shoulders, arms, waist, and a back. As for the skirt, it is formed by an elastic waist that fits your figure, arriving in length to the calf.

Find out which model is best suited

Boho maxi dress two-piece is ideal for hanging out with your friends

This maxi dress will become the center of attention

Leaves everyone surprised by your maxi dress

Surprise everyone with your maxi dress

Highlight your figure with chic boho maxi dress


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