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Key Taoist Yin and Yang Made in Palo Rosa


Feel calm and balance come into your life with this keychain Taoist yin and yang. Taking it with you always can feel his power.

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Yin and Yang are internationally known symbols. In its duality we can find the balance between opposites. With this keychain you'll carry with you the way of the Tao.

This keychain is made of wood rosewood (rosewood). On its surface shows the I-Ching trigram of the yin and yang.

What is a trigrama?

The Trigrams city are the basic symbols or images of Eastern philosophy. The combination of these symbols in pairs give rise to 64 hexagramas del I Ching. Trigrams are composed of three lines that can be broken (yin) and / or whole (that).

This combination of three yin and yang lines results 8 trigramas. So tenemso that represent trigramas 8 basic forces of nature: Heaven, The Earth, The Thunder, The mountain, Water, The fire, Lake and wind.

Pa means "8" Cave It means "image". Thus the ancient Chinese sages observed that there 8 images or basic phenomena in the Universe. These images represent the 8 forms of energy movement. These sages developed a system of symbols based lines to represent the universal images and so was the beginning of trigramas. Each trigram has its image, quality and substance and corresponds to a time in the annual cycle; describe an energy, a form of motion in the process of change and represent universal form of what is happening.

Follow the path of Tao thanks to this wonderful key chain


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