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Key jujube wood with writing God of Wealth


Bring some good luck into your life and manages to attract wealth to it by this keychain made jujube wood.

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In this life, We seek to succeed in our business as we work. We also seek a stroke of luck with money in order to go saving for the future. This great keychain will help you attract wealth thanks to his writings on its surface. In its cylindrical surface, It is a text inscribed Chinese god of wealth, so that you can to help bring good fortune in business you too.

The God of Wealth Cai Shen

Cai Shen is the God of Wealth and good fortune in China. It is often named and venerate especially in the new year still very popular in the Chinese community. Like this, by naming in new year, grarantizar helps a good forturna for the coming year, bringing prosperity and money to homes and shops. also usually placed figurines or his writings to help attract the wealth.

Let wealth come to you with this keychain with jujube wood

Discover how to improve your luck with this keychain with writings of Chinese god of wealth

Let the money comes to you with this fantastic Key



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