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Lucky Key Chinese jujube wood


Thanks to this key, luck and good fortune will come into your life to accompany you at all times. Always carry your keychain you to feel your luck improves.

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Create your opportunities in life thanks to this wonderful Chinese Keychain. Your body is made of very light and durable jujube wood.

Key surface bears a Chinese carved writing to bring good luck to life. Thus whenever we go with him we will have more luck in life. Thanks to its power attractor of positive energy, you will find that you will do everything you set out with minimal effort.

Take your key with you everywhere

With this keychain, You can carry all your keys easily and safely. Like this, whenever you leave home, you may know which keys go with you and what not. Bring all your keys on easily without worries!

You can also tie it in your wallet or purse in order to attract luck also in monetary matters to thereby obtain wealth. In terms luck into your life, will not stop!

Make luck into your life with this keychain jujube





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