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Keychain Buddhist Heart Sutra


Earn the affection and love of others thanks to this wonderful Buddhist sutra keychain with heart.

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Lose yourself in love with this keychain with Buddhist sutra written in Chinese heart. In this way, every time I look, we can see how we are being transformed and leave behind the suffering. Each key carries a sutra that will reach your heart and help you in your day to day.

The text of the Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra It is so named because it represents the heart of the great wisdom. It was written between the 1st century 6º of our era. Common to all descendants of Buddhism, It is certainly the best known sutra. Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in it gives a lesson to Sariputra on the emptiness of all being and of all things, because none of them has fixed or substantial nature. Everything is impermanent itself and exists in interdependence and not by itself.

This scripture points us to the understanding of absolute void or emptiness, which it is one of the leading doctrines foundation to Mahayana. If we can open the mind to this, suffering begin to wash out.

Model 001

Discover the love of others through this Buddhist Key


Model 002

Let the feelings of others come into you


Model 003

Creates a wave of warmth and love with this key


Model 004

Do not lose your keys ever thanks to this Buddhist Key


Model 005

Get peace and calm with our Buddhist Key


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