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Key Buddhist wood Peaches with Praying Hands


Takes you everywhere this fantastic Buddhist key so that each time you take it out and you can see tambiénencontrar peace and calm.

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In Buddhism, meditation and prayer are part of a whole. Through them, a monk can be calm in order to concentrate better. Thanks to this union, a Buddhist monk can find peace and calm more easily. Just as the monk prays and meditates to get to this state of absolute calm, You may also be always calm no matter what happens. Thanks to this magnificent Buddhist Key, You can stay calm even in the worst moments.

The key is heco wood peach and shows two praying hands placed on top of a lotus flower. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is one of the top performances of the plant, as it represents the rebirth and reincarnation.

How is the key Buddhist wood melocotonores?

This keychain has a total size of 12cm, including a hoop to put all your keys. In this way, You never lose one down the road.

Always carry your keys perfectly with this Buddhist Key

Discover the peace and calm with this Buddhist Key

Do not leave any forgotten key with this key Buddhist


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