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Key Buddhist Elephant


Buddhist wooden elephant key chain is a classic way to protect yourself from negative energy while you carry all your keys with you.

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Elephants have been revered in Buddhism for countless generations. For Buddhism, the elephant is a noble animal that symbolizes luck, cunning and strength. For this reason, a large number of figures and paintings show a deep connection with elephant. That is why we bring this magnificent Buddhist elephant-shaped key chain.

Thanks this keychain, You can carry all your keys perfectly organized. Thus you avoid losing.

Elephants in Buddhism

Buddhists in these countries consider the albinos elephants, rare species suffering from a generalized depigmentation, Buddha reincarnations. For this reason they lavished all kinds of honors and are entitled to receive the most attention from men. a Myanmar, white elephant gets the best food, on trays of gold and silver. In Thailand, white elephant was long the symbol contained in the national flag. At present there are still many Thais comparing the outline of his country with the head of an elephant.

Enjoy good luck with your key Buddhist elephant

Bring some good luck with Buddhist elephant-shaped key chain

Let the luck will smile with this key


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