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Kimono Dragon Vintage Label Printing


Surprise friends and acquaintances with this beautiful work of art. As soon as you put vintage kimono, you too will feel the power of the Dragon.

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The kimonos are a tradition in Japan, and what is more Japanese than the wind dragon? This precious kimono made in cotton and polyester is based on Japanese grabajos antigüos. Thus we present a vintage kimono with beautiful print of a dragon.

The drawing of this kimono is made according to the traditional pattern of Japan, giving it a different and more oriental touch to your clothes.

The legend of dragons in the East

In Oriental mythology, dragons tend to be kind protective beasts that help people. It is considered that dragons are common in lakes and rivers but are hidden except when they ascend to the heavens. It is also considered that at sea a dragon that lives called controloa ryujin. This dragon controlled the sea from its marine palace creating different marine phenomena, and controlling from there the different marine animals.

The kimono is made in one size with a measure of 128cm and 30cm bust sleeve, with a total length of 69cm.

White model

Enjoy the freshness of this vintage kimono

Give a different touch to your outfit with vintage kimono



Surprise everyone with your vintage kimono


Surprise everyone with your new kimono


Black model

When you put your boho kimono, everyone will think you are seeing a work of art

Give a different touch to your wardrobe with this boho kimono

Leaves everyone amazed with your kimono



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