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Kimono Boho with floral print and Carpa


Leave surprised everyone by putting this work of art made kimono. With its chic style, everyone will be impressed.

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Kimonos are increasingly used by all thanks to its more open style for cover. Comfort and beauty Intraseasonal make this pledge a requirement to carry as the day cools. Thanks to this boho kimono, In addition to protecting the skin you can carry as a small work of art.

This kimono is made of polyester and cotton provided softness and freshness. The kimono is served in one size with a size of 62cm shoulder, 120cm bust, 28cm wide and 73cm long.

Oriental beauty made boho kimono

Its beautiful pattern is comparable to a canvas where a floral oriental art scene is shown with cherry blossoms where a carp jumps out of water. This type of stamp evokes spring in Japan since the viewing cherry blossoms is a party within the country itself. In this way, every time you wear this kimono top, You are whelming you're carrying a little spring. Like this, when you put it, You surprised everyone by giving an image of freshness and beauty Timelessness.

Surprise everyone with your boho chic kimono

Enjoy whenever you leave home with your kimono

All thanks to your surprise kimono

Create contrast thanks to your precious kimono

It looks great anywhere thanks to your boho kimono


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