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Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mantra OM Quartz


Enjoy the sound of the Tibetan bowl quartz and benefit from the calm and serenity that occurs to meditate and relax.

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Since ancient times, Tibetan monks have used sound as a form of relaxation for the mind and spirit. Since that ancient wisdom, we bring the Tibetan Quartz Bowl. Such bowls produce distinctive sound to pass a rubber mallet on its surface. Like this, when we rubbed deck, We got a very characteristic note that resonates with one of our chakras and our minds, helping to regulate the body and mind.

The benefits of Tibetan bowl

The Tibetan bowls o singers become today a particularly useful tool when practicing relaxation, meditation or exercise various techniques such as yoga. They are also known by other names: singing bowl, himalayo bowl o also gong.

Main Benefits of Tibetan bowls They are derived mainly producing sound. To rub or hit them and above all to keep more or less stable with the help of that wooden stick. As for example- the benefits of music and music therapy itself.

Create your own corner of peace and harmony with Tibetan bowl

Enjoy a pleasant sound with Tibetan bowl quartz

Creates a pleasant sound in the bowl with silicone deck



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