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Bracelets set Boho Chic 6 in 1 with flowers


Get a look sedate and calm while you show your love for nature with this set of boho chic bracelets.

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Nature around us in our lives, welcoming us and showing us the balance in it to advance safely. Like the roots of a tree extend on the floor, our roots extend our lives and ancestors.

This set of bracelets is made of zinc alloy and has a closure clamp at the end with which we can regulate bracelets between 17cm and 22cm.

The set consists of several bracelets. In the first bracelet we see a cylindrical link chain. The second of the bracelets has an account at its center and a flower-shaped crimp. The third bracelets represents a lotus. This flower is very important in Buddhism because it represents the rebirth of self. In the fourth bracelets we can see a ring that represents the union of all. The fifth bracelets is a link chain with equidistantly placed accounts. Finally, the sixth of the bracelets has the representation of an octagonal flower.

Enjoy all our bracelets set

This set of bracelets is sold in a pack, so you can get the 6 bracelets together at an incredible price. Enjoy all your bracelets!

Be amazed by the beauty of your whole boho chic bracelets



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