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Hamsa Hand pendant with Eye


Lose yourself good luck and good vibrations thanks to this beautiful Hamsa hand pendant.

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Fátima hand protects us in our day to day. With it we can prevent negative energy and evil eye reach us, thus being able to accomplish everything we set. Thanks to its great power, Hamsa hand has passed from mothers to daughters throughout history until today. Every day a large number of women carrying Hamsa hand with them in order to enjoy its benefits.

Hamsa hand that protects us

Thanks to this wonderful pendant, you can also enjoy the positive energy in your life.

This pendant is made of zinc alloy, with a length of 50cm chain. In her, has a Hamsa hand not fixed you can put your taste. In this way, You can wear the pendant in the most comfortable way you prefer.

Discover one day bright day with this lovely pendant!

Leaves everyone with his mouth open with this pendant hamsa hand



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