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Boho Chic Pendant with Hamsa Hand


Surprise friends and acquaintances with this lovely pendant boho chic with hamsa hand. hallucinate!

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Amazes everyone with this wonderful chic boho hamsa hand pendant. His unique style that everyone will notice you as you go out to the street with him, by becoming the center of attention.

Let Hamsa hand protect you from negative energy

Hamsa hand is a powerful protective amulet that will help you avoid the evil eye. In this way, as you put it, you can enjoy better luck and health. Like this, You can portegerte yourself and those around you want and more.

This pendant is made of stainless steel. It has a chain 50cm, It is completed in one hand hamsa 40 x 35mm. Thanks to its large size and engraved on its surface, you can surprise everyone with her and get a more bohemian style for you.

We surprised everyone with this beautiful hamsa hand pendant

Surprise and wonder with this pendant boho chic


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