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Yoga and Pilates socks with high transpiration Grid


With these socks for yoga with grid you never have to worry about the sweat on your feet.

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One of the things most enjoyable when done yoga is the possibility of having close contact with the ground. This is especially enjoyable when done yoga outdoors, on grass or sand. But not everyone has a real chance to make a class outdoors. Most do yoga in the gym or a yoga studio. And there the hygienic part plays a fundamental role, because we can not be 100% certain standards of cleanliness in a space or shared mat. That is one reason why many people choose to wear socks for yoga. Another reason has to do with many of these socks are made to prevent slipping. In this way, can be a perfect complement for those who do not have a yoga mat slip.

Why are ideal socks for yoga and pilates with high breathability grid?

This set of socks can become your ideal companion for all kinds of exercises and asanas, especially in more dynamic asanas. Once you start exercising, You begin to sweat and the sweat will accumulate. Thanks to its high breathability grid, rather than accumulating all the sweat, increase foot perspiration. With this extra ventilation, excess heat is dissipated. In this way, avoid excessive sweating or discomfort you may have in the foot. In addition, socks for yoga and pilates provide extra hold and a contribution to greater security to not transmit the sweat from exercise mat. In this way, You can do all kinds of asanas very safely.

Feel peace and calm doing your yoga sessions and do not let anything distract. These socks are made in one size cotton 100%, adapting to all types of feet.


Do yoga and pilates comfortably



Enjoy yoga and pilates



Make all kinds of exercises



Yoga socks to help you protect your feet


Black and Gray

Make your asanas safely thanks to yoga socks


Exercise without problems or discomfort

Discover your inner fashion thanks to this set of socks

Enjoy this season with your socks



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