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Pilates and yoga socks Short Length


Yoga socks provide you essential support for performing all kinds of asanas and movements.

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This set short socks will help you make all your asanas perfectly. Your set of socks for yoga and pilates is a fundamental element.

These socks are sold a A single one size and are made on a 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Like this, you can enjoy unsurpassed smoothness every time you submit it. At the same time, thanks to its elasticity you can wear it without discomfort in the foot.

Take your yoga with calm and safety with this beautiful set of socks!

The importance of yoga socks

Correct positioning in each asana is important to get the maximum benefit from yoga. So we have a large number of dynamic asanas that require strict positioning and with many changes in a short time. After performing exercise esteamos, we will see that shortly after starting, sweat or tiredness make a dent in our asanas. With socks for yoga and pilates, we keep our feet dry thanks to its high breathability. Also, at the same time, their soles allow us a better grip on the yoga mat. Like this, We can make all kinds of asanas more safely and smoothly. Thus we are avoiding falls, sprains, and endless nagging injuries.

Yoga socks are also very useful for intensive classes in which you do all kinds of exercises in a borrowed mat. Thanks to them you can keep your feet hygiene and protect the mat. In addition, if you have some kind of foot injury and want to protect, thus you avoid the bandage or dressing to move and contact with the mat, protecting you longer.

As you can see, socks yoga can help you in unexpected moments. Dare to try!

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Yoga socks will provide instant help in your sessions

Use your socks in your yoga sessions Create beautiful memories while doing yoga and pilates


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Enjoy exercising with yoga and pialtes Be straight with our socks yoga and pilates



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