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Boho Chic Bohemian bag with string closure


Indulge your inner natural and fashion while wearing everything you need in your bag boho chic.

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Complement your wardrobe with this lovely boho chic bag with drawstring. With it you can go everywhere without any worry because you can keep everything you need inside it. A small makeup case, your keys, your purse, the mobile, handkerchiefs, etc. Everything you need to make sure you will be inside this bag.

Thanks to its beautiful print, You can accompany the bag with all kinds of bohemian clothes that will help you emphasize your freestyle and carefree.

This bag has internal measures 35cm x 25cm x 14cm. The closure is by golden chain can be adjusted. It also includes a long chain coated leather shoulder carry bag.

Boho chic: Fashion style

More and more people opted for the boho chic style for your wardrobe. This style is a throwback to the rebellious years of the 60, clasping part bohemian style, part grunge hippie part. Binding of 3 styles results in an unmistakable trend again embrace peace, love and nature. In this way, we see a large number of open and comfortable clothes along with a wilder style dress. Thanks to this we minivestidos and maxivestidos with wonderful prints or infinite fringe. Because the choice of fabrics, forms and colors, every time you decide to put your clothes and leave home with your boho chic bag, everyone will be amazed and fascinated. You can not help but look away from you!

Create your own style and let everyone be awestruck. Your wardrobe will thank this change to a more natural and connected with the earth trend. Let your spirit fly free with the new boho chic trend!

Give an original touch to your wardrobe with chic boho bag

Go everywhere with your boho chic bag

Everyone will notice you by your boho chic bag


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