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Boho Chic bag Handmade String Ribbon


Always take with you everything you need in your bag boho handmade chi. Do not leave anything behind her!

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Boho chic is fashionable style is in vogue. Both ordinary people and carry increasingly famous bohemians models, either in dresses, flips flops, hanging, etc. To help supplement your own style, we bring this beautiful chic boho handmade bag. Thanks to her, you get increase your bohemian style breaking all the molds.

This bag has a beautiful cotton lining so that can store everything you want within. You can carry everything you set your mind, whether your keys, your mobile phone, your purse, neceseres, handkerchiefs, etc.

The outer closure is by knotting cord that can easily. If you decide to instead take loose, the string will on both sides hanging, giving it a more boho chic look. His tape is braided rope so they do not bother to wear over long periods of time.

What measures has the boho chic bag?

This bag is made in a single measure with 28.3cm x 12.5cm long x 23cm wide high. As for the strap to hold its total length is 128cm, thus leaving a greater drop in the arm.

Discover your green

This wonderful bag will let you connect with your inner hippie and natural. With her, Wherever you go feel how all notice you and it, thus becoming the center of attention around the world. With it you get double the bohemian style of your wardrobe, combining perfectly with all your boho chic dresses. This way you will feel more freedom every time you go out with him. Do not let anything stop you! It carries everything you need without any problems thanks to this chic boho bag! Dazzle everyone!

Connect with your self more natural

Everyone will marvel thanks to your boho chic bag

Do not leave anything behind because your bag

Do not leave home without you accompany your bag boho chic


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