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Sleeve blouse with buttons


Thanks to our sleeve blouse with buttons, You will get a further aspect hi-class for all kinds of events.

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Reminiscing couture designs for executive, we bring this beautiful sleeve blouse with buttons. With her, You'll get a more formal style and high class, ideal for all kinds of events, as well as for work, be to study, etc. As you put that, You will see how your figure inspires others.

I am the leader thanks to this beautiful blouse

This blouse O neck is made of cotton and spandex. In this way we get a garment that fits you well as being very soft to the touch. Like this, You can wear the blouse for hours without any problems.

It has long, wide sleeves until buttoned cuffs on the sides that allow you to take a more open or more sober style. In this way, depending on where you are, You can easily change style with a couple of moves.

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Get your own style with this blouse The style of this shirt will give a more stately porte Let everyone be surprised with your style


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