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Striped Long Bow Blouse


Give a totally chic style to your wardrobe thanks to this wonderful blouse. With her, everyone will be pleasantly surprised by your style.

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Let all eyes alighting on you by this beautiful blouse. Once you put that, everyone focus their eyes on you. You'll become the queen of style and glamor!

Surprises with your lovely blouse

This blouse is made of polyester. Thanks to its high resistance can take the thousands of times without any problems. This blouse has a collar and wide sleeves or long tapering wrist. It also has a jagged cut at the bottom, Most fall in the front and back than on the sides. Finally, blouse is finished in a belt so that we can adjust the waist through a loop. In this way, not only can we adjust to our liking waist, but will give one more element to customize our clothing.

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Get a new look

Get your own style thanks to this wonderful blouse

Let everyone be surprised with your style

Leaves everyone open-mouthed through your blouse


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