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Vintage Bathing Suit Open Court


Go to the latest fashion and surprise everyone at the beach or in the pool thanks to this fabulous vintage bathing suit.

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Become the center of attention this summer thanks to vintage bathing suit open court. When you go with him to the beach or pool, everyone will notice you. You'll become the center of attention!

This beautiful vintage swimsuit is made in one piece in a mixture of polyester, acrylic and spandex. Like this, You can obtain maximum strength while the maximum smoothness. Moreover, thanks to the elasticity of the spandex, You get that bikini suits your figure perfectly. This way you can reveal your natural curves to everyone. It is also highly breathable, which it makes dry quickly once out of the water.

His style is cut open, giving a glimpse of the waist and back with fastening on the neck. In addition, its minimalism in clothing and your choice of colors creates a striking contrast for everyone who sees it.

Whether in the water or out of water we can enjoy the beach or the pool comfortable and relaxed with our vintage bathing suit.

The beach and pool are your allies this summer

We have created this swimsuit so you can wear it anywhere, but it is clear that the greatest effect will be achieved at the beach or pool. That's where everyone will be bowled.

Vintage fashion style is very strong and this swimsuit is an example of this. Thanks to him you can live amazing experiences this summer. In this way, You will create happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Discover all that summer can give him with this swimsuit. Whether relaxing or fun, you will fully enjoy all the experiences that can offer.

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Summer is yours thanks to this vintage bathing suit


Enjoy the peace and calm summer

Create beautiful memories this summer



Vintage bathing suit is your partner experiences this summer

Become a summer feeling



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