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Here are the questions we do more often:


# 1. Is it safe this website? Can I place an order safely?


Answer: This site is 100% safe. And to be honest, we might even say that it is the 300%. Here's why:

First, the site you're visiting is on a HTTPS server (the little green padlock on the left side of the URL of this page is there to remind).

Most sites only protect your “Shopping Cart” and everything related to payment orders. In this site, All pages are secure and can not be hacked or attacked by malware.

Then, We take the services of a world leader in protecting websites (McAfee) that monitors every second all data passing through this site. He is there, notes, and makes sure that no one tries to hack into the system).

In summary, browse and order in MundoBuda is 100% safe.
So you can wander here and there in this colorful shop with confidence!


#2. I only received part of my order. How is it possible?


Answer: This is normal. We use a shipping method to accelerate batch shipments. In this way, to prevent you do not wait too, we prefer to deliver your order as soon as one or more items are ready.

Therefore, You will receive your order in several packages (allowing prolong the joy of discovering a new package in your mailbox for several days).


#3. I've been waiting for more than 10 days and I have not received anything.


Answer: Yes, that is normal. The delivery time may vary depending on the time of year and efforts messaging.

It is much closer 10 days (it 25 days), but sometimes it's a bit longer.

This is because we work directly with producers and various messaging services, which it is what allows us to offer the best prices.


#4 I have received an email that puts my order is completed, But it has not gotten me anything!


Answer: Once the couriers indicate that the order is channeled, we will automatically send you this mail.


#5 What courier will deliver me my package?


Answer: The final delivery is always produced by postal courier service in your country.


#6 How do I know the status of my order or where?


Answer: Only attend order status via email through info@mundobuda.net. Sending an email with your order number will help you to determine whether you can give way or tracking. We try to answer the mails on 24/48 business hours following sending us the mail.

The order status information can only be provided by the department orders through the mail info@mundobuda.net. The request for information on ordering our social networks can lead to the expulsion of the same if they are reported to moderators by other users.


#7 I sent an email response but they do not answer me


Answer: Our mail is one way so if you command the mail response to an account other than info@mundobuda.net the answer may lengthen much longer than usual. If you want to reply to a mail, please do it through info@mundobuda.net. Mails we sent to info@mundobuda.net are usually respond in 24/48 business hours following sending us the mail.

The same, if you see that you do not get the mail, check the spam folder in case.


#8 I put my number but nothing appears on track


Answer: Are you getting the order number or tracking number? The order number only provides error introduced into our tracking.